The veg plot



They say time rushes by when you are having fun and that certainly seems to have been the case this month.  There has been so much happening.  It makes life richer but certainly threw any planning I had to get going on this little blog out the window!

Our town has a two week festival which has just ended.  As part of the final weekend of events, our parish has an Open Gardens Walk to raise funds for the local church.  We are not religious but the church is a beautiful building and there has been religious practice on the site for approximately 1000 years in one form or another which is truly amazing.

As our garden is generally a “relaxed” space, partly to encourage wildlife and partly due to lack of time, we had a frenzy of tidying and weeding to get the place in a more respectable state.  There are some areas we just ran out of time for so I went for distraction instead.


The bottom of the garden is given over to the veg plot and chicken run.  Pots and planters around the garage in this area are also filled with vegetables or edible flowers such as marigolds and nasturtiums.  I am really pleased with how my rustic fences look now the plot is productive and the grass has recovered from the muddy patch it was in the winter.



Finally, we can begin to pick some of our own produce.  It’s a small plot so we still have to buy some veg but as Wimbledon starts we have been eating bowls of strawberries and can pick cut and come again lettuce.  It’s great to pick a few leaves and minutes later eat them in a salad.


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