The Garden in Autumn

chicken in the garden in autumn

There is a change in the air this week.  There is a definite nip in the early morning air but still some sunny days.  It’s one of my favourite times of the year .  The late sunshine and clear light are beautiful and there is still plenty to do in the garden.

We only have two hens now.  They keep us endlessly entertained and provide enough eggs for the two of us.  We have wondered about getting more hens but will wait until Spring before we do.  Jim built the coop and run about 8 years ago and it could do with some maintenance.  That will be easier to do with the pair of them to temporarily house somewhere.  Mabel and Jo Jo enjoy scratching around by the greenhouse in the sunshine.  When I took the photograph, Mabel was running up to me to see if I had any treats for them.  Wild bird seed must be like chocolate for them as they get very excited it I sprinkle some as a treat.

The Vegetable Garden in Autumn

vegetable plot in the garden in autumn

I’ve cleared up in the vegetable plot and removed the old bean plants.  There is still celery, curly and Nero Cavolo kale and some chard.  I planted marigolds around the perimeter of the plot to help keep aphids away during the summer and they are still in flower.  We also add marigold petals to salads.

lettuce growing in the garden in autumn

I took a chance and did a late sowing of some mixed salad leaves.  They came up very quickly and seem to be coming along well.  Hopefully we will be able to eat them before the first frosts come along.  I will try growing some in the greenhouse over winter this year.

In the Greenhouse

tomatoes growing in greenhouse in autumn

The warm summer meant we had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year.  We have been eating them from July and still have plenty to go.  We had a mix of small cherry tomatoes through to large beef tomatoes.  Every opportunity they get, the chickens nip in to the greenhouse and help themselves.  We have to make sure we have properly closed the door!

We also had success with cucumbers.  They are one of my favourite salad vegetables and we had them in every salad.

peppers growing in greenhouse

Peppers grew well and now they have had chance to mature, we are getting really decent sized green peppers.  We have eaten them in salads, curries, chilis and casseroles.

Autumn Colour in the Garden

colour in the garden in autumn

Hydrangeas are growing in pots.  The flowers looked great during the summer but I think their faded blooms have a charm too.  This year I want to pick some to dry.  The leaves on the plant are tinged red now.  It won’t be long before they change colour completely before dropping off.

hostas int he garden in autumn

We’ve got several varieties of hosta growing in the garden, mostly in pots to keep them away from snails.  Some of them are huge now and their massive ribbed leaves are changing colour.

blueberries in the garden in autumn

The blueberry bush is also grown in a pot to make it easier to manage the correct acidity in the soil.  I think it is a great plant.  During the summer we were able to pick blueberries every day to add to our muesli and it is so pretty now its leaves have their autumn colour.

The gardening year may be coming to an end but there is still plenty of colour and interest.  There is always plenty to do outside whatever the time of year.

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