Tasty Baked Mushrooms with Poached Eggs

Baked mushroom with poached egg

When it is cold outside, it is comforting to have something warm for lunch. Our vegetable order this week included some big field mushrooms, perfect for baked mushrooms and one of my favourite lunches.

I like trying new recipes and experimenting with the vegetables we have in the fridge and as we keep chickens, egg based meals are often on the menu. After a rummage around, I decided to use kale, onions and the remnants of a cabbage.

sauted vegetables to top baked mushrooms

I sauted diced onions, sliced cabbage and kale until they were soft. A little bit of chili oil adds some extra bite to the dish.

While the vegetables were cooking, I put the mushrooms in the oven. I brushed the dishes with melted butter and crushed garlic, then added a little extra butter on top of the mushrooms. The mushrooms were put in the oven at 200°C for 10 minutes to soften.

baked mushroom topped with vegetables

When the mushrooms were softened, I added the sauted vegetables and returned them to the oven to cook through.

While the mushrooms and vegetables cooked, I put some eggs on to poach. The only way I can cook a decent poached egg is to use silicone forms that float on the top of the water. I have tried poaching eggs directly into water and poaching in a water and vinegar mix but both of those methods result in messy failure!

Baked mushroom with poached egg

When everything was ready, I topped the baked mushrooms and vegetables with the poached eggs. After seasoning with salt and pepper, I added some chopped chives.

I served it with a thick slice of crusty bread and butter and very large mugs of tea.

It made for a very tasty, warming lunch on a cold day. The perfect meal after a long walk with the dog across frozen fields.

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