Sunshine after a rainy day…. out in the veg garden

Garden viewed through the back door | The Nice Nest

Out of the back door window I spied what definitely looked like sunshine appearing after all the rain showers we’ve been having this week.  It’s been frustrating because whenever I’ve had time, it has been raining and when I was working it was sunny!

This morning it has brightened up and I left everything to pop out and clear out the veg beds.  It feels good to get out and time flies by so fast in the garden, I’m sure there is some kind of time warp that happens every time I set foot over the step.  I can be outside hours and it feels like minutes.

The garden| The Nice Nest

Being outside feels great at any time but I think there is something special in the autumn light.  With the nights drawing in, it is a reminder that these bright days may get fewer so it’s best to make the most of them.

Blue salvia | The Nice Nest

This blue salvia has been a real find this year.  We planted it in a shady corner in June and it has been flowering away ever since although it does seem to be taking over a little.  I put in three plants as we wanted to fill the spot quickly so I will move moving one or two of them to other parts of the garden shortly.


I can’ t help but smile walking past the late flowering sunflowers.  I planted some in the borders and in the veg beds and those in the shadier spots have taken longer to flower.  I didn’t think they would do much and now, here they are, some very welcome late comers.  Watching their heads tilt to the sun, altering their position during the day reminds me of sunbathers on the beach.

Barlotti beans drying on the vine | The Nice Nest

The french beans have gone over now but the runners are still going strong.  I’m drying some barlotti beans to use during the winter and have left them to dry on the vine.  Once they begin to go brown, I’ll wait for a dry day and bring them inside to finish off.  I grow up a six cane wigwam with two plants to a cane.  On a good year I get a whole Kilner jar full and on a bad year maybe half that.

Spinage and Chard | The Nice Nest

Spinage beet and rainbow chard have definitely earned their keep.  We’ve been picking since May and when I am at home, I like spinage and mushrooms fried with a butter and garlic, topped off with a poached egg for lunch.  It give a sense of satisfaction having minutes between picking and cooking, knowing that for some meals at least, it is food steps rather than miles!

Believe it or not, underneath the nasturtiums are some strawberry plants.  I have never been very successful before with them and for some reason, they have gone crazy.  Maybe it’s all the poultry manure we have on hand from the chickens.  I’m now scouring the internet to learn how to pickle capers.

tidy veg beds | The Nice Nest

Here’s a a tidier looking bed after clearing out the last of the lettuce and courgettes. The rhubarb is suffering a bit so it is time to divide and add buckets of manure underneath to revive for next year.  I’m going to plant some hardy leaves to keep us going a bit longer, trying some Japanese leaves and a new sowing of chard as I’ve found it to be quite hardy.

Walking back to the house to have some lunch, I looked up and couldn’t resist taking a photo of such a vivid blue sky.


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