Styling the Seasons May

Styling the seasons May

In January and last month, I joined in with the Styling the Seasons challenge set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots.  It was fun and made me think about what each month meant to me and I think that was reflected in my choice of objects. So, here I am again with Styling the Seasons May.

May for me is definitely a month of bluebells. Walking in the local woods, there are carpets of them and this Spring, we seem to have lots in the garden too.  Some were already in the garden, some I planted and all of them seem to have multiplied this year.

Bluebells in vase

For weeks now, I have been picking a few for the house, mixing them with other flowers from the garden.  They look great in vintage vases and my favourite is a jug inherited from my husband’s grandmother and I believe it was her mother’s.  If anyone knows anything about this type of glass, I’d love to know more.

Flowers in a vase for styling the seasons May

I don’t know the history behind the vase, but the glass is a bit wobbly and the paintwork on the front is still bright but delicate.  For now, I’ve left the vase like this on it’s book plinth and am enjoying the simple look.

Painting on vase

This month has also been a time of projects about the house.  When I picked up the old Home-Lovers Encylopedia from the bookcase, I started browsing through and there is a section on embroidery and different stitches.  It is a great book with all sorts of tips from forgotten times.

Home lovers encylopedia

Reading through the sewing section and ideas for thrifty home management inspired me to dig out some cut shirting strips left over from my patchwork quilt that have been in my fabric bin for months.  I’m thinking of making a patchwork tray cloth which may have a bit of machine embroidery and maybe a few hand stitched embellishments too – one of those make it up as you go along projects.

As I sorted out what threads I already had, I put them in a dish.  They look so good together, I think they’ll be left out for a while on the table.  Often it is the small stuff that makes you smile.

Blue embroidery cottons

It was unplanned but books and flowers have been the theme these posts so far.  I’ll have to see what inspiration June brings.  Anyway, bluebells and all things blue became my Styling the Seasons May. 

What does the month mean to you?

Why not join in with the challenge set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots and style a surface in your home to show what this month means to you. Blog about it or post a picture on your favourite social media platform and tag so it can be seen.

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