Styling the Seasons April

Styling the Seasons April | The Nice Nest

I’d come across the Styling the Seasons challenge on Katy’s Apartment Apothecary blog and thought what a good idea it was to have a styled area in your home where you reflect on the current month.  I joined in during January and planned to continue during the year but events over took me and the last couple of months time has been short.

It is funny how some months turn out to be completely different to the way you imagine.  This was the month when I planned to get back to blogging again after various commitments that took priority.  Suddenly, when there was time to relax a bit, I came down with flu followed by a chest infection and it knocked me off my feet.  I feel as if I hibernated for a couple of weeks and when I got up, Spring has sprung!

Styling the Seasons April | The Nice Nest

With more energy, I am eager to get on with the projects that have been left – time seems to be rushing by.  While I was feeling ill, I read in bed and pulled out a few favourite books.  Pure Style by Jane Cumberpatch is probably my favourite interior book and it has stood the test of time since it was first published.  The pared back look is still going strong and although colour choices may change, many of the ideas are very relevant today.

It got me thinking, plotting and planning about projects I’d like to get on with.


If you had asked me, I would have said that May/June is when our garden has the most colour but I have found it all depends on where you look!  Enjoying some of these sunny days and feeling much better, I wandered down the garden, eager to bring some flowers inside to enjoy and was very surprised at the variety growing.

Styling the seasons bluebell

The first of the season’s bluebells are appearing in the borders and hedges in the garden.  They are so beautiful and dainty and a sign that May and full on spring is just round the corner.

Styling the seasons wall flower

Perennial wallflowers are a great garden favourite and have been flowering all year long.  The bush I have is straggly and past its best but it continues to produce these blooms every month.

Styling the Seasons - grape hyacinth

Grape hyacinths have self seeded over the patio and are springing up between the paving slabs as well as in the borders.


So my styling the seasons for April has a nod to the passing of time, craving the simple and homemade around home and celebrating the garden and how lovely it is to wander about at last and pick a few flowers, then continue to enjoy them indoors.

What does April mean to you?

Why not join in this month with the challenge set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots and style a surface in your home to show what this month means to you. Blog about it or post a picture on your favourite social media platform and tag so it can be seen.

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