Styling the Seasons June

Styling the Seasons June RoseIt’s time for Styling the Seasons June.  The challenge is set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots.

The weather in June has been a real mix of sunshine and showers.  It has left a lot of us wondering when summer is going to start. When will we get a day or evening when we can sit outside without having to dash back in as rain begins?

In between the showers, I get out in the garden when I can.  It’s looking rather overgrown at the moment as everything is flourishing in the mild, wet weather.

I’d snapped off the rose when smelling its scent.  It was so pretty, just opening out from a bud.  I brought it in the house and put it in water in the egg cup.

I left it in the study in a glass dish to avoid a water mark on the wooden bookcase.  The glass on the dish has small bubbles all over just like rain splashes.  I’d been thinking about this month’s challenge and there it was, right in front of me. Something that reflects how I have found this June.  Mild, wet and pretty in the garden!

The dish is from the 19060s and is one that my Aunt gave me.  She has been clearing out, preparing for when the time comes to move. It is an emotional time for my Aunt and Uncle as they have realised their house is becoming too much for them.  Such a hard decision when you have spent your life somewhere and emotionally are not yet ready to leave.  My Aunt shares my love of gardening and when we visit each other we inspect what’s going on in our gardens.

Styling the Seasons Rose in Egg Cup

We differ in our taste in gardening.  I like a country style, almost wild look and she goes for very clipped and ordered appearance. She likes to point out the “weeds” in our garden while I point out that even the blades of grass need permission to bend in her garden!

Why not join in with the challenge set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots and style a surface in your home to show what this month means to you.

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