Slow Fashion and a bit of knitting

Slow fashion and starting to knit

Hopping around the internet the other night, I came across a post by Karen Templar on Slow Fashion October

By co-incidence I had just finished reading In Praise of Slow by Carl Honoré.. We have gone quite a long way down the slow food route and the book made me think about other areas of our life.

Karen’s timely post raised some interesting questions that made me think about the pressure the global fashion industry has placed on our world from both an environmental and social perspective.. Maybe it is time for me to consider the origins of my clothes and the impact that fast fashion has on the workers around the world and on the environment.

Over the years, my wardrobe has shrunk as we have slimmed down our belongings.  It contains a few new items but mainly older clothes. Some of my favourite items have come from charity shops or been donated by family members. I like clothes but can’t understand constantly shopping for new things and disposing of those that have been hardly worn.

Slow Fashion and me…

My sewing and craft projects have mostly been for the home.  Now I want to start making some of my clothes so it is time to brush up on my practical skills.  I like the idea of taking time to make my own wardrobe, making something unique to me.

As a novice knitter, I’m keen to improve my skill. My current knitting speed means any items I make are definitely slow fashion… very slow fashion.

Slow Fashion and Knitting Wool

I went out to buy yarn for a jumper as I fancy something snug and warm to wear with jeans this winter.  Two helpful ladies in the knitting shop gave me plenty of advice.  After looking at several samples, I chose a chunky knit yarn. The pattern I am trying very simple and a combination of two sets of instructions I found on Pinterest. With big needles and chunky yarn, my knitting is growing quite quickly even with my slow technique!

Although I want to move towards wearing more natural fabrics,  I bought yarn that comprised a man-made fibre as pure wool makes me itchy.  A compromise but it will mean that the finished garment will be more comfortable for me to wear.  I like how the jumper knitting up and it is exciting seeing it come together.  Knitting is a nice way to spend the darker evenings, clicking away listening to the radio or watching TV.

I will keep you posted on progress and if the pattern works out OK, I will share it.

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