Simpler Life

The Nice Nest Aims

Creating an enjoyable, simpler life

Over the past year or so, my Husband and I have been looking at making changes in how we live, moving towards more self-reliance.  We live in a town and our current lifestyle means full self-sufficiency is a bit of a dream but there is much we can do to move in that direction.

Small changes are easier to adopt creating new habits that shortly become the “new” normal.


What we already do

In the garden:

  • Grow vegetables
  • Grow fruit
  • Keep chickens
  • Collect pine cones and wood for log burners

In the house:

  • Cook and experiment with recipes
  • Sew home furnishings and gifts
  • Decorate and paint
  • Recycle as much as we can


What we plan to do

In the garden:

  • Extend vegetable beds
  • Grow vegetables over a longer season
  • Balance food productivity versus attractive entertaining space
  • Make it wildlife friendly

In the house:

  • Increase our DIY skills
  • Preserve more of the food we grow
  • Reduce our energy consumption
  • Re-use and repurpose what we have

In practice, we try to support local businesses, eat food in season, and increase the times we walk or cycle rather than drive.  Spending as much time outside as possible is also important.