Rustic fence gets made…


I had originally planned to use up apple and pear tree trimmings to make a fence for a chicken run.  When we looked at the space, we changed our mind how we would create a larger space for the existing hen run but I still wanted to have a go at making a rustic fence.

The vegetable beds at the end of our garden are in urgent need of attention.  It was particularly wet over the winter and our heavy clay soil didn’t drain well so it flooded at the bottom of the garden on occasions.  When this happened we let the chickens have the run of the garden and they definitely made the most of it, wrecking the grass and anything else that took their fancy.  The statue looks a bit like the “Oh my!” feeling I had when I first started tackling this area a couple of weeks ago!


I started off neatening the beds so we have two large beds (7ft x 9ft) and one smaller bed (4 1/2 ft x 9ft).  The fences took a few hours to make but were an easy and satisfying project.  I cut up lengths of branch that were 2ft long and hammered them into the ground until they were about 1ft high above ground.  Starting at one end, I began weaving the apple and pear branches, alternating the weave with each row.  I didn’t want the fences to be too high as I still wanted it to be easy to work the beds.

I moved some strawberries that were getting overgrown to one half of the smaller bed.  Before planting, I dug in lots of compost and although I had added the fences to create a cottage/rustic feel to the vegetable plot, the fence has kept the soil back as I raised the level with added compost.  The strawberry plants are beginning to look happier in their new site.


Our aim is to supplement what we eat and we always aim to grow more each year than we did the year before.  I have started work in the garden later this year but now I have the beds laid out, I will get cracking with sowing and planting over the next few weeks.  With the cold spell we have had in the UK, it feels like a late spring.

 I really enjoyed my experiment and will definitely use up the tree trimmings around the garden in future.

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