Reducing Waste One Step At A Time

Reducing Waste One Step At a Time

Once you start looking at reducing waste around your home it can become daunting. The more you look at your lifestyle, the more you are confronted with the consequences of what you buy and how you live.

That’s certainly how I have found it as I have tried to put my New Year words into action.

My interest in reducing waste was first sparked a few years ago by Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home.

Johnson was one of the first people I came across talking about reducing waste and she seems to have sparked the Zero Waste movement. Her approach might be a bit hardcore for some but her book is full of tips to show the average person how to reduce waste.

I’ve decided the best approach for me is to break it down and look at different areas around the home. By looking at one area for a few weeks, I think it will make it easier to make changes and stick to them. I am sure it will evolve as I go.

My lists will include the easy quick fixes and the targets that are harder to achieve. The latter may take a longer or remain work in progress through the year.

Reducing Waste in the Kitchen

  • Reduce or fully use up food left overs
  • Keep an eye on the pantry inventory and use what we have before replacing
  • Reduce plastic and one time use packaging
  • Storage containers for fridge and freezer
  • Gradually swap over cleaning materials to greener or homemade products. This should help reduce the plastic coming in as I intend to reuse containers.
  • The problem! What to do with the crockery and kitchen gadgets being gifted by older family members sorting out their houses.

Reducing Waste in the Garden

  • Reduce new plastic pots brought home – this one is going to be tricky as we are currently working on the garden and I want to redesign some of the borders
  • Reduce the bags of compost we buy – it is surprising how these mount up during the growing year
  • Grow more perennial plants from seed to avoid buying pots with the plant
  • Find some eco-friendly plant labels or try painting pebbles to use to indicate where vegetables have been planted

Reducing Waste in DIY Projects

  • Reduce my fabric and haberdashery stash in waste free ways – this will challenge my thinking!
  • Use paint and materials we have in the garage for new DIY projects
  • Get inventive – if we need anything, look at what we can re-purpose, repair or make ourselves

This should keep me busy for a while and challenge my thinking. I will share any successes – and the not so successful – as I go.

Do you have any tips to reduce waste around the home?

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