Quick knit beany hat with a pom pom on top

Quick knit beany hat

The weather is getting colder and the weekend forecast is for snow.  We are travelling north for a weekend in Scotland so I am glad to have finished this quick knit beany hat.

It was a perfect way to use up the chunky wool left over from my jumper project.  This couldn’t have been easier to knit.  I cast on 40 stitches and knitted in garter stitch until the work measured 30cm wide by 50cm long.  I didn’t shape it at all, This quick knit beany hat is just a basic rectangle.  Once I had the size I wanted, I cast off. Then I joined the top and bottom edges with slip stitch.  To close the top, I gathered in one side edge as tidily as I could.  This means the lines of garter stitch run sideways down the hat from the top to the bottom.

Quick knit beany hat in construction

You could make your own hat like this with almost any left-over wool.  You might need to knit a sample to see how many stitches you need to cast on to get the right width but once you have done that, you just need to knit until you have a long enough length to fit around you head.

I wanted a fairly loose fitting hat that could be work as a slouchy beany or I could fold over the bottom band for a closer fit and a different look.  Also, I wanted a pom pom as I seem to be the only one in the family to have a hat without a pom pom!

I made the pom pom with recycled grey wool. The wool came from from practice squares I had knitted.  The curly textured wood made a great pom pom.

make a pom pom by winding wool round a toilet roll

To make the pom pom, I wrapped the wool around two toilet rolls.  I wound the wool until it was the required thickness then I tied it securely in the middle, between the two rolls.  The next step was to cut through the loops of wool and puff out the pom pom.  It needed some trimming to make it tidy but it worked.

I stitched the pom pom on to the hat to complete.  Another contribution to my home-made wardrobe!


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