Painted Wooden Box Planted with Cowslips

Painted Wooden Box | The Nice Nest

Every so often, I like to get the paint brush out and spruce up a bit of furniture for the house or boxes and chairs as garden accessories.  When the sun came out at the beginning of the week, I decided it was finally time to paint a couple of wooden boxes that I had in the garage ready for spring planting.

I had a couple of old wine boxes that I have used over the years and during this winter, forgot to bring them in.  They are fairly sturdy but they had suffered being out in all weathers and had some black stains that could not be removed by washing.  The wood had gone dark too and I wanted something lighter.

Wooden boxes before painting

I didn’t want to spend any money so I had a look in the garage at our old decorating supplies.  I have a few tester posts and thought this would be a good project to use them up.  I had a pale stone colour so I put a few tablespoons of paint in a jam jar with a couple of spoons of water – roughly 3:1 ratio paint to water.  It does last a season or two but does need repeating every so often to keep things looking good.

Painted Wooden boxes

Here are the painted wooden boxes after being left to dry in the sunshine.

Painted Wooden Box | The Nice Nest

Once it was dry, I  planted up a painted wooden box with some cowslips I had moved from the garden and put on a wooden crate by the front door.  I had some decorative eggs so I put them by the side as Easter is coming up.

Easter Eggs

Cowslips are among my favourite flower especially as they appear at this time of the year, signalling spring and warmer days ahead and I thought they suited this painted wooden box.

Cowslip flower | The Nice Nest

In a busy spell, it was nice to have a quick craft project that I could complete in a couple of hours during the afternoon and the area by the front door looks ready for spring.


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