November Aims: What I am doing this month

November Aims

I thought I would try something different this month and share my November aims.  They usually stay tucked in my notebook and sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t.  I am curious to know whether sharing them will make me feel more accountable and more likely to tick them off.

Being a bit of a “home body”, I enjoy time pottering around the house and garden with different projects on the go.

Without further ado, here they are:

November Aims



This month I want to extend what I cook and try a few new recipes.

  • Try a new slow cooker recipe.
  • Bake something I haven’t tried before.
  • Find a new recipe that features apples – we still have piles of cooking and eating apples left.
  • Find a new recipe that features plums – there are damsons and greengages galore in the freezer.


This month is all about finishing what I have started and finding something new.

  • Finish knitting my jumper.
  • Find a dress pattern and buy fabric.
  • Make a cushion cover out of a blanket.
  • Get my needle felting machine out and make a picture.


Even though it is getting colder, we are still having sunny days and there is lots to do.

  • Pick and dry the barlotti beans.
  • Pick the last of the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.
  • Clean the greenhouse inside and out.
  • Clear then add compost to the vegetable beds.


A few things to keep me busy now I’m spending more time indoors.

  • Fit a picture rail in the study.
  • Decorate study.
  • DIY desk or second hand desk – depends on which works out easier on the budget.
  • Clean and organise the kitchen cupboards.

That’s my list and it is my intention to share what I complete next month.  I think whatever gets missed will get tacked on to next month.  Inevitably as life gets busy, not everything gets done when you plan but I like having a few things on the go… it gives a sense of satisfaction as I tick them off.


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