November Aims: How I did

November Aims and how I did

November seemed to go so fast and now here we are in the first week of December! It felt good to setting and completing my aims and here is how I did.

November Aims:  How I did…


I managed to cook several new recipes.  I really liked the plum compote which was very simple but so good…

  • Try a new slow cooker recipe. – I tried a risotto recipe with cauliflower and butternut squash.  It turned out OK but I prefer to cook risotto in a pan.  I don’t think this recipe saved much time and I think the taste and texture is better when you cook in a pan.
  • Bake something I haven’t tried before. – The Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Bars were something I hadn’t baked before and they used apples too so covered both this and a new apple recipe!
  • Find a new recipe that features apples – we still have piles of cooking and eating apples left.
  • Find a new recipe that features plums – I cooked a spicy plum compote that we had on porridge in the mornings.  I used mixed spice and some brown sugar and cooked down damsons to a thick, dark red puree.  It was simple but very tasty on porridge with some yogurt and seeds.


This month is all about finishing what I have started and finding something new.

  • Finish knitting my jumper.  Achieved!  I finished my jumper and you can read how I made it.
  • Find a dress pattern and buy fabric.  After hunting around, I ordered the Merchant and Mills Top No64 pattern and some denim fabric.  Not only did I get supplies but I also made a dress.  I still have to write up the post.
  • Make a cushion cover out of a blanket.  Not completed yet.
  • Get my needle felting machine out and make a picture.  Not completed yet.  The free time I had for craft was taken up sewing my dress so this got postponed.


Even though it is getting colder, we are still having sunny days and there is lots to do.

  • Pick and dry the barlotti beans. Completed and you can  read how we stored them.
  • Pick the last of the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.  Completed.
  • Clean the greenhouse inside and out.  Not done yet.
  • Clear then add compost to the vegetable beds.  ‘Completed.


A few things to keep me busy now I’m spending more time indoors.

  • Fit a picture rail in the study.  Completed.
  • Decorate study.  Completed and post to follow.
  • DIY desk or second hand desk – We are still deciding what to do and keeping a look out for something suitable.
  • Clean and organise the kitchen cupboards.  Completed.

I was pleased that most things on my list got completed.  There are a few that have been postponed such as making a cushion from a blanket and using my needle-felting machine.  I may get time this month but with all the Christmas preparation, it may have to wait until the New Year.

It was useful to note down some aims and felt productive ticking them off.  I’ll be doing the same in December so I’ll share those aims soon.

Do you keep track each month of things you would like to try?

Photo Credit: Estée Janssens via Unsplash

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