New Year, New Resolutions, New Things!

New Year, New Things - planning for 2019

The social whirl that is December is over, New Year celebrated and now it’s time to look forward to all the new things the year ahead may bring.

I like making resolutions whatever form they take. Over the years there are regular features in my list like “must exercise more”, “healthy eating” and “make more time for craft activities”.

The “what” would often appear on the list but very often it was not broken down into the smaller steps that would help me achieve it.

I’m getting better at breaking my resolutions and to-do lists down into more manageable chunks with realistic timescales (sometimes!). By doing this, it allows time for a smaller change to become habit and more likely to continue. Something that you can build the next step on to advance towards your ultimate goal.

It is commonly quoted that it takes 21 days for new habits to establish but personally, I find it is longer, closer to the 66 days found by a study undertaken by University College, London.

After a couple of months the momentum seems to kick in and new behaviour becomes part of your regular routine.

It’s not a major thing but when we wanted to improve our diet and cut down packaging we started making bread. To begin with, each time we baked we had to read the recipe. Now baking is part of our end of week routine. I wouldn’t say we do it without thinking as it is a very enjoyable process but we are in a routine and know what to do without consulting recipe books. Now we only check when we want to try different types of bread rather than our regular loaf. Baking bread has become a habit.

This year, I want to get back to doing more crafts and gardening again. Work has been taking up more time over the last year and with family and home commitments, it can be a juggle to fit everything in. When I am in the garden or making, I relax and get a sense of achievement from seeing something form. It’s time to get organised so I can fit more in.

One of my aims is to make any clothes I don’t buy second-hand. I made a couple of items last year after deciding to take more care where my clothes were sourced and what they were made of. I bought fabric from ethical suppliers and filled a gap in my wardrobe.

My resolution this year is more to do with time-management so I can make space to do more of what I want. More time for those activities that bring pleasure and add something to life.

I’m still rubbish at keeping the list manageable but hey, if you don’t have lots of things that you want to do it would get boring!

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