My shirty patchwork quilt is finished

Patchwork quilt made from mens shirts | The Nice Nest

I have finally finished my patchwork quilt just as the weather has turned.  When I started it, I wanted to have something for the sofa ready for the chilly Autumn evenings.

There are shirts that my husband and sons have worn over the years and it’s nice to look at the quilt and remember different events or the period when they wore them.  I had previously posted about starting the quilt where I cut the shirts into strips and in the end it came together fairly quickly.  I found myself sewing whenever I could in what has been a fairly sociable and hectic time.

Whole cloth quilting on back of quilt | The Nice Nest

The quilting is a bit wobbly in places but on the whole I managed to keep the lines 2cm apart.  I wasn’t sure how to finish but remembered that I had an old duvet cover in the airing cupboard.  It had a couple of holes as it is ages old but the centre of the fabric was good and it was perfect for the backing fabric.

Quilt on sofa | The Nice Nest

The quilt is now on the back of the sofa ready for anyone who fancies a cozy spot to read or listen to music.  Hopefully, the dog won’t find it as he has a habit of piling up the cushions on the sofa to make a nest and will pull anything else in too!

Patchwork qullt with a book | The Nice Nest

Now, I have to concentrate on some of the other jobs around the house and begin the preparation for some decorating in our bedroom and not get too tempted to sit down with a book in a cozy spot.

Patchwork quilt | The Nice Nest

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