My favourite spot in the garden

garden in early morning


Do you have a favourite spot in the garden?

This is mine, sitting on the swing, next to the pond with a cup of tea in hand.  From here I look through the vegetable beds and see the chickens scratching around in their run.  I wandered down the garden at 6.30am yesterday as it was warming up for a beautiful day.  The quality of the light was lovely, something I can’t capture on camera.

After walking around taking a few photographs, I got my tea and sat down on the swing for a very quiet half hour before everyone else got up.  I sat there thinking about all the things I had planned to do inside the house when I started this blog but how the weather influences me.

If it is nice enough to be outside when I have time off, that’s where I generally head, messing around in the garden or greenhouse and somehow my good intentions to work my way through the list of DIY jobs flies out the window.

Maybe that’s not a bad thing because our efforts in the garden mean we can eat some of our own food, get eggs from our chickens and have somewhere nice to sit.

So, I think there will naturally be some seasonality to my projects and during the summer months spending time outside will take precedence and I’ll do smaller inside jobs on the odd wet day or during the evening.

I usually have a burst of action in the autumn when my nesting instincts kick in so I think that is the time for decorating and DIY jobs.  A time to clear away some of the clutter and clean before the short days of winter are upon us.

How do you spend your time?

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