Moody blue around the home

Blue kitchen with Mandarine Stone Tiles | The Nice Nest

Blue hit the headlines last year in interior and homes magazines as one of the must have colours.  Suddenly there was dark and moody navy and indigo all over the place. It often takes a while for trends to filter down to everyday use and blue still seems to be as popular as ever.

The intense indigo sits between blue and violet in the rainbow and the pigment has been valued since ancient times.  In interiors this colour makes an appearance in many ways – Japanese indigo used in shibori work through to Persian inspired prints, ceramics and denim.

Kitchen-Little-Greene-Hicks-Blue | The Nice Nest

Dark walls make such a change to the lighter colour schemes that have been around for the last few years.  I particularly like Little Greene’s Hicks Blue seen in the kitchen above and Farrow and Ball Stiffkey (I love their paint names!) is another good alternative. As a lover of more muted shades, I find these dark hues glamorous but a little over-the-top for our cottage style home.

That’s where Pinterest can be so much fun.  You can create your mood board for colours you love and who knows, one day I may just brave it!

Indigo bathroom | The Nice Nest

Blue living room | The Nice Nest

Bedroom in blue | The Nice Nest

blue hall cupboard | The Nice Nest

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Check out my blue colour board on Pinterest.

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