Patchwork feather quilt made for a friend

Feather quilt is finished

My favourite gifts have been those made by friends or family.  A few years ago, I received a quilt from a friend for a significant birthday.  I was so touched that I wanted to do the same when her turn came. This is how I came to make a patchwork feather quilt.

I came across Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern.  It is so generous of designers to publish these free patterns.  It meant I was able to make a quilt I would never have been able to design myself.  The instructions were very clear so it was an enjoyable project and I am pleased how it turned out.

Feather quilt comes together

I haven’t had a big sewing project for a while.  I knew it would take time so I broke down the stages to make it more manageable.  It took a few evenings to cut out all the pieces.

Feather Quilt piecing blocks

Another evening was spent piecing all the fabric that would later be cut into the feather shapes. After that was a couple of days stitching the blocks together and assembling the quilt layers.

Hand quilting Feathers Quilt

To finish the quilt, I hand-stitched around the feathers.  This formed running stitch feathers on the back which made a pleasing pattern on the reverse.  I find hand-stitching relaxing and had a few pleasant hours listening to the radio or watching TV while I sewed.

I will definitely use this pattern again with different colour options.  It was easier to make than it looked when I first read through the pattern.  I chose colours that I thought my friend would like and like the boldness of the design.

When making something for someone that takes a while, you find yourself thinking about them while you work.  Our friendship has shared a joint enjoyment of sewing and other crafts.  We have many shared experiences with our families and good memories of holidays together.  I found myself reflecting on all this and being grateful to have people like this in my life.

While making a patchwork feather quilt, it became the Feathers of Friendship Quilt.  One quilt made in thanks of a quilt received and in celebration of a good friend’s birthday.

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