Knitting needle case

knitting needles


I’ve been given a stash of old knitting needles and crochet hooks.  My mum has decided that she’s unlikely to do as much craft work as she used to as her hands are affected by arthritis.  As I have had more time recently to try new crafts, she passed what she had on to me and has tried to pass on her skills.  I’m at the beginner stage and not sure I’ll ever master the fine crochet work she did.

crochet hooks

Too keep everything in one place, I thought that a handy case would help and make it easy to carry around.  As knitting and crochet skills seem to have eluded me so far and although I can do basic stitches, both are crafts I am working on.  When we go away, especially if we are camping or renting a cottage, I like to take a portable project with me as we tend to spend our evenings reading and trying things we don’t always get time to at home.   With a trip coming up next month, I’ve been deciding what to take and I think a crochet or knitting project is just the thing – something easy like a blanket that I can keep on the go as an “as an and when”  make later.

So, with this in mind, I made a knitting needle case that can also house crochet hooks from some leftover fabric from making curtains and an old skirt.


For the cover, I used some light weight wadding between denim and I formed two rows of pockets, a deep one for the needles and a shorter, striped one for the crochet hooks and knitting accessories.  I stitched the pockets through all layers on one piece of the denim fabric before assembling.  Next time round, I’d skip the wadding as it does make it a little chunky.



Here it is rolled and ready to go!


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