Sewing an Ipad Cover


My iPad cover was worn out and very scruffy so I had a go at making another.  I knew I wanted a case rather than a sleeve and set about making one as one of my aims is to make as many items as I can myself when they need replacing.

I traced around the old case to form a paper pattern and quilted some fabric left over from making a skirt.


When it came to making the inside, I got a little stuck so I did a bit of research.  Below are the three tutorials that helped me:

1.  Melly Sews – Sew iPad Table Case Tutorial

Much of the inside of my case was made by following this tutorial.  The instructions are easy to follow with some clear photographs of the various stages.

2.  Practically Functional – DIY iPad Cover and Stand

This was more advanced than the cover I made with a hole for the camera eye.  I only use the camera on my iPad occasionally so was happy to leave this out.

3.  Make Life Lovely – DIY iPad Case Tutorial (Using recycled and upcycled materials)

When I found this tutorial, I realised I had started out in the same way recycling a delivery box to use as stiffening for the case I was making.

To make the iPad Case

Having read through the tutorials, I had a better idea of how I would construct the case and decided to add a linen strip to re-enforce the spine.


I used a pretty heart shaped mirror button that I had saved from some old trousers and used an elastic hair band for the closure.



Inside is lined with linen fabric and to neaten off the inside edge of the elastic, I used some red velvet ribbon.



You can see how the elastic is attached better on the photograph below:



and how it folds closed.




It took a while to figure out but I am pleased with the way the iPad case turned out and it is very satisfying making something you need from items you already have around the house.

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