Inspiration for a DIY kitchen update on a budget

Look at this gorgeous place! Not at all like our current kitchen.  I came across it when looking for inspiration for a DIY kitchen update and fell in love.  Our kitchen looks a bit tired and sad and the time is approaching for an update.

When we moved in 16 years ago we painted the units and shifted them round a bit. The worktops were replaced, we changed the tiles and the horrible, spiky Artex walls and ceilings were plastered and painted.

It made the world of difference to what had been a very dark, crowded and dismal room.  Time has past and family life and boisterous pets have taken their toll.  The Formica worktops are chipped and have grotty joining strips that catch the dirt.  It doesn’t look too bad from a distance but a refresh is on the horizon.

We started looking into replacing the kitchen, getting several quotes.  When we realised that we were attracted to very similar styles to our existing units we decided that another update was the way to go.  Although our units have seen better days we now plan to repair and repaint them.

The fun bit – researching a kitchen update

I have had fun researching a kitchen update. Pinterest is great for gathering ideas and looking at my kitchen board makes it easy to see the style I like.

grey kitchen update idea

Credit: B & Q

I want wooden worktops and have found an on-line supplier selling oak at reasonable prices and they will pre-cut the hole for a sink.  That will definitely be a case of measure twice (and again), cut once!  I’ve looked at butler sinks to replace our current stainless steel sink but think a white inset sink would be a good compromise.

Subway tiles are still around and may have a few years of popularity left. If you shop around, subway tiles can be kind on the budget.

Staying with subway tiles, to grout with a similar or contrasting colour – that is the question. Contrasting grout gives more of an industrial look and would work well with naked bulbs or metal light fittings.

Grouting a similar colour may not date in the same way.

If I get a bit giddy, I might start looking at Moroccan patterned tiles.  I usually opt for plain surfaces but maybe it’s time for a bit of pattern.

Some heavy shelves made from recycled scaffolding planks with black iron brackets would also suit an industrial style.

victorian iron brackets and scaffold plank shelves for kitchen update

Credit: Yesterhome

On to the planning stage

Now I am wandering around with tester pots trying out different colours.  Most of our house is neutral and pale but darker colours have been finding their way into interiors and look very dramatic.  I am not a brave, early adopter but I like the idea of change and am currently favouring dark paint on the cupboards.

Our neglected quarry tiles will need a bit of work to revive them.  In the next few weeks, I’ll try to do them myself and see how they look.  They will need the finish stripped off with stone cleaner and then refinished with boiled linseed oil and sealed.

The next job is costing out the kitchen update, finding suppliers and to work out what we can do ourselves.  Does anyone have any tips?

Check out my Kitchen Board on Pinterest.

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