How to make candles using recycled containers

How to make candles

I love lighting candles.  The twinkling light is perfect for a cozy touch to these winter evenings and with added fragrance make the rooms smell nice too.

Friends and family know I like candles so over the years I have been given some in pretty containers.  I have kept them as it seemed a shame to throw the  glass jars away once the candles were used up.  Using soy wax, I have recycled the containers to make new candles.

If you have wondered how to make candles using soy wax, read on!

How to make candles

Collect your chosen containers.  Make sure they are clean and dry.  I used old candle containers I had saved but you could also use tea cups, china bowls or glasses bought in charity shops.

Soy Wax and Scented Oil

I ordered soy wax, scented oil, wicks and glue dots to fix the wicks from The Original Supplies For Candles.  They have a great selection of candle making supplies although the postage was a bit steep for my small parcel.

The soy wax was single pour.  This is the first time I tried making candles with it.  Once before I used paraffin wax pellets and when the candles set, there was a dip in the middle around the wick which meant melting wax a second time to top up for a smooth finish.  I liked the idea that the soy wax would set flat.

Using candle wicks and fixing with glue dots

I ordered wicks with a metal sustainer and glue dots.  This made it really simple to fix the wick to the container to keep it in place as the wax was poured in.

Wick in the glass container

You should use a double boiler but I was able to melt the wax in a saucepan over a very gentle heat.

Soy wax for making candles

I removed the pan from time to time and stirred frequently to make sure the wax did not overheat.  Once all the wax had melted I added the scented oil.

Wax melting in a pan

Be careful when pouring the hot wax into the containers.  The wicks bend slightly with the heat but can be propped up with a pencil until the wax is set.  Once the wax set hard, trim the wick down.

How to make candles - wicks

After a few hours, you’ll have a batch of new candles ready to add some twinkle to the winter evenings. The soy wax set smooth and did not need topping up.  I will definitely be making more.

How to make candles





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