How to make a candle with relaxing lavender scent

candle with lavender scent

Candles bring some welcome cosiness to these long January evenings.  You can’t beat settling down by the fire with the twinkling light flickering away.  With a few supplies it is easy to make a candle.  You can even save wax from candles that are finished until you have enough scraps to make new candle.

While tidying up the cupboard under the stairs, I came across a box containing some long forgotten candle making supplies.  There was a small bag of wax pellets and a length of wick.  Years ago I went through a phase of making candles and had completely forgotten about it.

A small glass vase which made a good container.  I secured a length of wick on the base of the vase with a piece of plastic modelling clay.  To keep the wick upright while pouring the melted wax in, I tied it round a wooden BBQ skewer.

The rest couldn’t be easier.  I carefully melted the wax in an old saucepan and added some dried lavender flowers and about 20 drops of essential lavender oil.  I poured the melted wax into the vase and left overnight to set.

candle making setting wax and wick

When the wax sets a small dip forms around the wick so the next day, I melted a small quantity of wax and poured it to fill in the dip.

The lavender scent smells lovely but I am not sure adding the dried lavender flowers worked as well as they all floated to the top rather than mixed evenly through the wax as I pictured. I can’t help thinking of dead flies!

During this month, I have been trying to use up supplies we already have.  I am now hunting around for pretty or unusual containers that I can use to make more candles either for us to use or for gifts.  I am also collecting the stubs of wax from burnt out candles so I can recycle them into new ones.

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