Harvest in the Garden

Harvest time in the garden

Summer is at an end, Autumn is on its way and we are picking the last of the harvest from the garden.

It has been such a lovely hot summer. It’s not so bad having cold winters if you get sunshine like we have had this year.  It has been great for growing vegetables in the garden.

We have had bumper crops of tomatoes and cucumbers.  The cucumbers have finished but we continue to pick tomatoes and it looks like we’ll be able to harvest them for another month or so.

The warm summer has been great for growing peppers in the greenhouse.  They are late to mature but we have a decent crop.  We’ve never managed to grow them very successfully so it is encouraging to have so many this year.

Sweetcorn was a flop this year.  I really don’t know why it didn’t grow better but the plants went in late so maybe that had something to do with it.  It was nothing near as successful as last year when I tried the Three Sisters approach.  I’m definitely going to do that again next year.

French bean plants are almost done.  We are getting the odd straggler still growing.  Enough to add to other veg but not enough to harvest for a full portion!

We’ve had apples, pears, plums and damsons most of which we have eaten fresh.  The freezer won’t be as well stocked over winter but Jim made plenty of damson and victoria plum jam which is delicious.  I don’t think we’ll need to buy jam for another year.

The windfall apples and plums were used in chutney.  Another one of Jim’s makes as he continues to explore making preserves.  We have only tried a little but it was delicious with cheddar and some oat cakes.

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