Show the love with handmade chocolates for Valentines Day

Homemade Chocolates - bark

As a chocolate addict making these handmade chocolates for Valentines Day has been fun. What is not to like? Melting chocolate and filling the kitchen with a rich chocolatey smell, licking the spoon (when everything is finished!) and creating something to share with a loved one.

This comes with a warning as some of the work in progress shots may not be Pinterest-worthy. I am obviously a messy worker and managed to drip the stuff everywhere.

Messy handmade chocolates

My favourite of these handmade chocolates is the fruit, nut and seed topped chocolate bark. It is so easy to make and looks just as good as the fancy packaged stuff you can buy in the shops.

By making your own gift you can “show the love” on Valentines Day with a handmade present.

How to make handmade chocolates

To make chocolate bark

Chocolate bark close up

  • 50g Bars of chocolate – your choice of white, milk and dark
  • Mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit – again whatever you like
  1. Line a small tub with baking paper. Mine was 20cm x 14cm which is large enough to make three bars when sliced. Melt 100g chocolate in the microwave. I cook in a glass bowl for about 2 minutes then continue to stir the chocolate with a spoon until fully melted. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate on the hob in a bain marie (double boiler). I used a mix of milk and dark chocolate.
  2. Pour melted chocolate into the lined tub.
  3. Sprinkle over the mixed seeds, nuts and fruit.
  4. Melt 25g white chocolate and using a spoon, drizzle over the topping. This is a chance for you to practice your graffiti skills.
  5. Allow to cool until set.
  6. Slice into bars and you can wrap if you choose to – or eat straight away!

To make chocolate hearts

Handmade Chocolate - valentine hearts

  • 50g White chocolate
  • 25g Dark chocolate
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  1. Use a silicone ice cube tray with heart shapes.
  2. Cover the base with chocolate sprinkles.
  3. Melt white chocolate in the microwave or on the cooker hob.  Stir melted chocolate until smooth.
  4. Using a spoon, pour the white chocolate over the sprinkles until half way up the mould.  I was so messy doing this!  Leave to set slightly.
  5. Melt the dark chocolate and fill to the top of the mould.
  6. Leave to set hard before turning out.

You can do many variations of both the chocolate bark and the hearts.  Choose your favourite chocolate and whatever toppings you fancy.

I found that by “shopping” round the house, I had plenty of materials to use to wrap up nicely.  I’m like a magpie with trimmings, boxes and odd ends of wrapping paper.

How to make chocolate bark and hearts

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