Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas Presents

Wrapping gifts for christmas | The Nice Nest

When it comes to gift wrapping presents I’ve bought for people, especially at this time of year, it’s good time to reflect on how fortunate you are to have family and friends around. Life is definitely richer for having them in our lives.

Once I have chosen the presents, it is on to the wrapping.  If I leave myself plenty of time, I enjoy this bit!  With music on in the background and candles lit, an evening passes quickly standing at the table wrapping stuff.  Sometimes, I have left it so late that it’s a stressful rush and I find myself hunting for enough tape and tags to finish.  I am starting out with good intentions this year…

Using natural elements in gift wrapping

Gift wrapping with brown paper | The Nice Nest

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A natural look for gift wrapping is always appealing and it definitely goes down well in our family with those who love gardening – and there are a few of us! There are lots of ways to use simple materials like brown paper, card and string along with greenery and pine cones from the garden.  Printed cards tied on with string look particularly effective.

*Note: Website source for photos 2 and 3 is no longer valid.

Using red for gift wrapping

Gift wrapping ideas in red | The Nice Nest

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Red is a bright, festive choice for Christmas and can be easily introduced with ribbons, fake berries, card, paper and ribbon. There are some interesting wallpapers around in sale bins at DIY stores that can be used to wrap gifts too. Parcel tags can be decorated or left plain.  It is a style that works well with a few homespun accessories like buttons and bows.

 Black is a sophisticated choice

Gift Wrapping using black | The Nice Nest

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Black wrapping looks sophisticated but can also be fun with a graphic look that is good for fans of typography.  It can look very dark and dramatic.

If you are stuck for presents or want to make some last minute stocking fillers, check out the tutorial on Lil Blue Boo which shows how to make DIY decorated journals with gold sharpie pens as well as the graphic gold star design on black paper to wrap them in.

Get creative with paper craft

Using papercraft to gift wrap | The Nice Nest

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With cut paper, there are endless designs you can come up with.  Keep a bin of craft and sewing scraps and with projects like these, a little goes a long way.  You don’t need to use that much in the way of supplies to achieve a unique parcel.

So, dig out those scraps and get creative with your gift wrapping.

*Note: Link to source 2 and 3 no longer exists.

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