Taking Time To Enjoy Garden Flowers

Hanging basket with garden flowers

As well as growing vegetables, we also have garden flowers in the borders.  I have chosen a variety of shrubs and hardy perennials to make life easier.

I don’t know what has happened to June but it seems to have started as a month of chasing my tail and nothing going to plan! Keeping on top of the garden has gone out the window. With all the mild weather and rain, everything is growing like mad while time for tidying up outside has been in very short supply.

The other day, with cup of tea in hand, I enjoyed a wander around. It was a brief sunny spell between the rain showers during a very busy day. I realised that when it gets busy like this, it is all too easy to forget to grab these moments. Those few precious minutes that restore your sanity when the pace of life feels too hectic.

Favourite garden flowers spotted on my walk

Geranium Garden Flowers

When I feel like this, rather than enjoy the moment, I  often walk around the garden compiling a mental list of all the jobs I haven’t got to.  It ends up adding to the feeling of being pressured. This time I just enjoyed the wander and started to really look at what was around me.

I walked past the hardy geranium Anna Folkard, one of my favourite hardy perennial plants. I walk past it most days on my way down to check on the chickens but don’t often stop to really look at the individual flowers.  Once I did, I saw how beautiful it really was. I began to look at the other garden flowers in more detail.

Garden Flowers and growing fogloves

These foxgloves were given to me by my mum earlier in the year and are now tall spires.  This variety are close in colour to those that grow naturally in the wild.  They attract bees and I want to grow as many bee friendly plants as possible.

Clematis Flower in the Garden

This fantastic flower is a clematis.  I have no idea what the name is as I bought it at the garden centre and the label had dropped off.  It is growing up a metal tripod and it was such a surprise when these exotic blooms came out.  It wasn’t what I was expecting but I love it!

Buff Beauty Rose Garden Flowers

The rather rickety fence between us and our neighbour is currently hidden by a rampant Buff Beaty rose.  The rose must be years old as it has a very thick woody stem.  Although it flowers prolifically, the flowers are very short lived and after a day or so the petals drop to the floor.

Petunias are summer Garden Flowers

Purple petunias hang down from the basket in the trees.  Each year our next door neighbour grows a variety of annual plants and gives them to us too.  This year he gave us geraniums, petunias and marigolds to fill our hanging baskets and tubs and tomato and cucumber plants for the greenhouse.  Payment is in eggs from our chickens!

A few minutes walking round looking at these beauties made me feel so much better.  I came back indoors in an improved frame of mind, ready to crack on with things.

What do you do when life gets hectic?


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