Easy Crochet Blanket in Bright Colours

Easy crochet blanket draped over a chair

We went on holiday in the Autumn and travelled for three weeks. There were long periods of driving or flights from place to place and I felt the need for something to keep my hands busy. One of the friends we travelled with is an avid knitter. She gave me some wool and a crochet hook so I could play around making granny squares. I made one but somehow it kept on growing…. and growing…. and growing and it is now almost a double blanket. It turns out it was just what I was after, an easy crochet blanket project.

Over the couple of months since, I have continued with rounds of triple stitches. It has been the most enjoyable project for the dark evenings. I will keep going until it is a double blanket size. It will be good to take away in our camper van as an extra layer on cooler nights. A nice colourful blanket to brighten up our camping trips.

Easy crochet blanket with coloured bands

I was using up donated odds and ends of yarn that were not my usual colour choice. Bright colours that suited the sunny, tropical warmth of our holiday in Australia.

These bright pinks, blues and jades are not colours I would choose for home but I have really enjoyed experimenting and shaking up my colour choices. In the house, I usually choose neutral shades and my clothing is much the same. It’s been a novelty using bright colours and it has given me the confidence to experiment with colour elsewhere.

Easy crochet blanket with hook

To continue this easy crochet blanket, I bought some more yarn in a charity shop. I have also bought yarn, one or two balls at a time from a local haberdashery shop. Just enough to do the current rounds I am working on, choosing the next colour as I go.

Colour bands of crochet

It’s been good to have something to work on as we watch TV or listen to the radio in the evening. Or I can just sit, crocheting a round or two and letting my mind wander.

The colour bands are getting slower to complete as the size of the blanket increases. I only have a couple more colour bands to go, then the blanket will be the right size for the double bed in our camper van. Just in time for Spring camping trips!

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