Easter Egg Hunt – Easy to make gifts

Easter rabbit in a bucket


I had some fun this week making treats for an Easter egg hunt for some of our friends’ children.  I thought it would be nice to give something that was fun for them and that could be used again once the eggs were eaten.

Little chick in a bucket


I thought the rabbit and chick glitter shakers were cute and that the little ones would enjoy playing with them.  The chocolate eggs were nice and vibrant with colourful foil wrappers.

I have a box of plain brown labels and created the heart shape to decorate with a punch.  It was the first time I have tried it and so easy and effective, I think I will be doing it again.


Craft items used for the easter egg hunt projects

The materials I used came from our local Poundstretcher.   I found the double pots in the garden section and the rest were with the Easter arts and crafts.  I haven’t been in the shop that often and was really impressed with the craft materials they had.  I am trying to use up what we have in the house so only bought what I needed for this project but I was definitely tempted by a few bits!


Fluffy bunny in a bucket

For the baby, I used a bigger bucket and a sweet fluffy rabbit.  This year, I think her mum and dad will be eating the eggs but I didn’t want her left out!


Let’s hope that they have a fun Easter egg hunt at the weekend!

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