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Valentines Day Tea Light Holder | The Nice Nest

With Valentines Day coming, it’s nice to have a little decoration about to mark the occasion.  This time in February is suddenly marked by a sea of pink and red with hearts and flowers all about.  I like a fairly neutral colour scheme at home but that doesn’t mean I can’t introduce my own romantic touch.

This Valentines Day tea light couldn’t be easier to make and only takes ten minutes or so to construct with a few craft materials.


Valentines Day Tea Light Materials

What you’ll need is:

  • Jute ribbon
  • Garden twine
  • Tea light
  • Jam jar
  • Clay heart

Cut a length of jute ribbon long enough to wrap around the neck of the jam jar with a little overlap.

Fold in half to find the centre.  Cut a length of garden twine then separate out the three strands.  Take one of these strands and thread through the centre of the heart*.  Tie with a knot to secure the heart to the twine and leave the strands quite long.

Taking one of these twine strands, thread through a needle and stitch through the centre of the jute ribbon. Tie a small knot to secure the heart to the ribbon.  Trim the strands if you want a plain finish or tie with a bow.

Wrap the jute around the neck of the jam jar making sure the heart hangs down freely, overlap the ends of the jute ribbon and then stitch in place with the twine.

Pop the tea light inside and light.  It takes 10 minutes or so to make!


*I had made some clay hearts with air drying clay and had a few left over.  To make, roll out the clay thinly then using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out like you are making biscuits.  Use a skewer to make a hole in the top then leave to dry on a plate or tray for about a week.

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