Clocks change and it really is Autumn

clocks change and the quilts come out

The clocks change last weekend brought us back to Greenwich Mean Time again.  I love that extra hour in bed on Sunday morning but for the rest of the week have found myself struggling to adjust.  I am waking later, not sure when to eat and it is dark at the end of the day before you know it.  Out in the garden the chickens head off to their coop earlier and earlier.

With more time spent inside, I have a spell of nesting every year.  Furniture is moved about, forgotten corners get tidied and I think about decorating ideas again.  Most of all, I want to be cosy so the quilts come out ready to snuggle up listening to the radio, reading or watching TV.

clocks change and it is time for fires again

My nesting usually starts in the living room.  A decent clean followed by shifting the furniture and ornaments around.  One of my favourite things is to sit by the fire, candles lit, with some sewing or knitting on the go so the living room is the first room I tackle.  More often than not, I have pen and paper by my side to jot down all those thoughts that pop up when you relax and your mind wanders.  Try as I might, I find it hard not to make lists of this and that, little things that are only important to me or bigger things I really don’t want to forget.

stripped oak cupboard

One job I have wanted to do for a while is sort out our music.  We are still “old school” with a collection of jumbled CDs.  It wasn’t easy to find what we wanted to play without a hunt through piles of them stored in an oak cupboard.  The cupboard was a gift from friends who no longer wanted it.  It is a bit battered around the edges and the varnish was old and peeling in places.

Time for a revamp and a few hours of stripping and polishing later had it much improved.  It is the perfect place to store all those CDS.  I felt like I was playing alphabet snap, sorting piles of CDS by the letter of the alphabet.  They are now neatly sorted A to Z.   That may be a bit sad but makes life a little easier and the music gets played more!

sofa and cushions

Small changes can make all the difference.  I’ve swapped the side lights round in the living room.  Two lamps from the spare room have come down, and those in the living room have gone upstairs.  It has altered how the room looks and didn’t cost a penny! The lighting from the old table lamps was very low.  Even with my glasses, I struggled to see to sew.  Now it is brighter and so much easier to see.

Forget spring cleaning – autumn is really my time to attack the house. Over the next few weeks, I will work my way around the house, having a really good clean and tweaking here and there.  It’s a little like preparing to hibernate.  Do you have any autumn rituals, things you do every year once the clocks change?

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