Chunky knit jumper project completed

.Chunky knit jumper

I finished my chunky knit jumper that I started at the end of October.  I’d read several blog stories from those in the slow fashion movement and wanted an easy knitting project that would ease me into tackling clothing.

After learning more about slow fashion, this project is part of my move towards adding some home-made items to my wardrobe.  Last month I described how I have started to look at where my clothes come from and how much I own.

On Pinterest I found several links to free patterns that would suit my level of skill  Most are a development of Dorthe Skeppel’s jumper that she knitted for her daughter Maria.  Maria posted details of the chunky knit jumper her mum knitted.  I came across an adaption of the free pattern on the blog The Fuzzy Corner. The pattern made very large jumper knitted with two threads of alpaca yarn.

How I made my chunky knit jumper

I wanted a cozy jumper to wear with jeans but something not quite as baggy.  I got some advice from the ladies in the wool shop and opted for a chunky acrylic yarn that would knit quickly and suited my budget for my first attempt. After some trial and error, I found that casting on 60 stitches gave the right width for the front and back sections.  Both were worked in the same way by ribbing (k2, p2) for 4cm, then proceeding in garter stitch.  I knitted the back until it measured 80cm and the front until it measured 70cm.  I wanted the back to be longer than the front and also to have a split at either side.  Once I had reached the required length for the front and the back, I cast off loosely.

chunky knit jumper bottom side slit

For the sleeves, I followed the instructions on The Fuzzy Corner, casting on 40 stitches and starting with a band of 4cm knitted in rib.  After that I knitted 30 rows in garter stitch, then added 2 stitches at either end of the next row.  I knitted 8 more rows then added another 2 stitches.  I continued adding 2 stitches, then knitting 8 more rows until I had 52 stitches.  Then I knitted until the sleeves were the required length,

chunky knit jumper sleeves

I like how my chunky knit jumper turned out.  It is warm and perfect for autumn walks which is what I wanted it for.  The acrylic wool doesn’t make me itch but in future I intend to try natural fibres.  There is such a variety of bamboo, cotton and other yarns to try.  The sleeves are long but I like that.  I had always intended that they would be rolled at the cuff like many of the inspiration images I saw.

It is a change for me to wear something multicoloured.  My clothes are usually plain and often in muted shades.  I can see this becoming a favourite when I want to be cozy.  Knitting the jumper was enjoyable and relaxing.  It wasn’t always smooth as occasionally I found I dropped a stitch and pulled back the work to that point.  All part of the learning curve…

I think I may have found a new hobby to keep my hands busy during the winter evenings!

Chunky Knit Jumper DIY

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