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Shop locally, eat locally and support your town

This is my favourite part of our town centre.  A street of pretty units with independent businesses to shop locally. There are shops, services, a brewery and a second-hand furniture dealer.  These are the types of business I would like to see thrive and expand further into the town, small businesses that offer something different to the chain stores. Often I hear people say they don’t shop in our town because “there isn’t much there”. […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017! It’s back to the blog for me…

Happy New Year to you! I hope your holiday season has been a good one. We had a great time spent with family and friends, eating too much, watching old films by the fire, wearing PJs early in the evening and enjoying long walks. Somehow, the two week break from blogging that I planned in July extended to a 6 month break. I came back from holiday after spending a couple of weeks without internet […]

Interesting Weekend in Berlin

On Sunday, we headed off for a trip to Berlin over the Bank Holiday, staying until Wednesday.  We travelled with a group of friends and had so much fun. Flying out from Luton Airport early on Sunday meant we arrived in Berlin in time for lunch, then had the afternoon to set off site seeing. When we arrived, the sun was out and it was warm, an added bonus after leaving a rather chilly UK […]

Berlin skyline

New Year Resolutions | The Nice Nest

New Year, New Chapter?

Love it or hate it, the new year is with us.  I like that new slate feeling, the clean sheet of paper, thinking about what could be ahead and what I want to do. I came across this quote and think it is very apt.  The “same old story” could be attractive to some if they are currently living the life they want but on the whole I think most of us have something we […]