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Clocks change and it really is Autumn

,  The clocks change last weekend brought us back to Greenwich Mean Time again.  I love that extra hour in bed on Sunday morning but for the rest of the week have found myself struggling to adjust.  I am waking later, not sure when to eat and it is dark at the end of the day before you know it.  Out in the garden the chickens head off to their coop earlier and earlier. With […]

clocks change and the quilts come out

shop locally and support your town

The benefits after a month of shopping locally

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about how important it is to shop locally and support retailers in our towns.  I took the decision at the start of the year to do as much of our shopping as possible from independent businesses. After five weeks, this is a reflection on how it has gone so far. I was interested to see whether I spent more money shopping this way so I have recorded spending from […]

Shop locally, eat locally and support your town

This is my favourite part of our town centre.  A street of pretty units with independent businesses to shop locally. There are shops, services, a brewery and a second-hand furniture dealer.  These are the types of business I would like to see thrive and expand further into the town, small businesses that offer something different to the chain stores. Often I hear people say they don’t shop in our town because “there isn’t much there”. […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017! It’s back to the blog for me…

Happy New Year to you! I hope your holiday season has been a good one. We had a great time spent with family and friends, eating too much, watching old films by the fire, wearing PJs early in the evening and enjoying long walks. Somehow, the two week break from blogging that I planned in July extended to a 6 month break. I came back from holiday after spending a couple of weeks without internet […]