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Reducing Waste One Step At A Time

Once you start looking at reducing waste around your home it can become daunting. The more you look at your lifestyle, the more you are confronted with the consequences of what you buy and how you live. That’s certainly how I have found it as I have tried to put my New Year words into action. My interest in reducing waste was first sparked a few years ago by Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home. […]

How possible is plastic free shopping?

Last year, David Attenborough’s Blue Planet shocked us all with the extent of the problem of plastic in our seas. It is time to take action and reduce the amount of plastic and packaging that comes into the house. But how possible is plastic free shopping for the average person? Steps to plastic free shopping We use a traditional milkman so our milk and juice comes in glass bottles that are recycled. We also get […]

New Year, New Resolutions, New Things!

The social whirl that is December is over, New Year celebrated and now it’s time to look forward to all the new things the year ahead may bring. I like making resolutions whatever form they take. Over the years there are regular features in my list like “must exercise more”, “healthy eating” and “make more time for craft activities”. The “what” would often appear on the list but very often it was not broken down […]

clocks change and the quilts come out

Clocks change and it really is Autumn

,  The clocks change last weekend brought us back to Greenwich Mean Time again.  I love that extra hour in bed on Sunday morning but for the rest of the week have found myself struggling to adjust.  I am waking later, not sure when to eat and it is dark at the end of the day before you know it.  Out in the garden the chickens head off to their coop earlier and earlier. With […]