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Clocks change and it really is Autumn

,  The clocks change last weekend brought us back to Greenwich Mean Time again.  I love that extra hour in bed on Sunday morning but for the rest of the week have found myself struggling to adjust.  I am waking later, not sure when to eat and it is dark at the end of the day before you know it.  Out in the garden the chickens head off to their coop earlier and earlier. With […]

clocks change and the quilts come out

grey kitchen with inset white sink

Inspiration for a DIY kitchen update on a budget

Look at this gorgeous place! Not at all like our current kitchen.  I came across it when looking for inspiration for a DIY kitchen update and fell in love.  Our kitchen looks a bit tired and sad and the time is approaching for an update. When we moved in 16 years ago we painted the units and shifted them round a bit. The worktops were replaced, we changed the tiles and the horrible, spiky Artex […]

Styling the Seasons June

It’s time for Styling the Seasons June.  The challenge is set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots. The weather in June has been a real mix of sunshine and showers.  It has left a lot of us wondering when summer is going to start. When will we get a day or evening when we can sit outside without having to dash back in as rain begins? In between the showers, […]

Styling the Seasons Rose in Egg Cup

How to make scented diffuser oil with lavender

How to make Scented Diffuser Oil

If you like to use scent to perfume your home, you may have used scented oil diffusers.  I was bought a diffuser set and then got interested in whether it was possible to make the scented oils myself.  My first attempt was a gin scented diffuser oil which I have since made on a couple of occasions.  I fancied a change of fragrance and have some lavender oil from a local farm that I wanted to […]