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What I have been up to during February in the Garden

During February in the garden, I’ve been keeping myself busy tidying up and doing some early seed sowing in the greenhouse.  Hopefully, in a few weeks we’ll be able to pick some pea shoots like these for salads. General jobs done during February in the garden As soon as the weather warmed up towards the end of the month, I pruned the fruit trees.  It is better to do them before they start to shoot in […]

february in the garden growing pea shoots

Keeping Chickens in the Garden | The Nice Nest

Back garden chickens and avian influenza precautions

Since 6 December 2016 there have been special measures in place to reduce the risk of avian influenza (bird flu) spreading.  This follows the announcement of outbreaks of the H5N8 strain in Europe and some UK sites. It does not just apply to commercial poultry businesses.  Those of us keeping small backyard flocks are now required by law to house them (keep them under cover) or otherwise keep them separate from wild birds. This requirement […]

Vegetable Growing In The Garden

When it comes to vegetable growing, it’s always fun to compare the plan you had with what grows in reality. I wrote about planning our vegetable garden and what I wanted to grow this year.  We have three beds down at the end of the garden.  After looking around for rustic fence ideas last year, I made the small fences around them with the trimmings of our apple trees and some donated silver birch branches.  So far, […]

Rhubarb in vegetable garden

Iris flowers by fence

A Line of Blue Iris Flowers

Iris flowers are a sign of early summer to me.  We inherited irises in the garden when we bought our house.  Before we moved here, I used to walk past with the dog on the way to the and always admired them. We’ve now been here 16 years and the irises are still going strong. They must be the easiest flowers to look after. I think they may be Iris Germanica,  an old form.  If […]