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The Garden in Autumn

There is a change in the air this week.  There is a definite nip in the early morning air but still some sunny days.  It’s one of my favourite times of the year .  The late sunshine and clear light are beautiful and there is still plenty to do in the garden. We only have two hens now.  They keep us endlessly entertained and provide enough eggs for the two of us.  We have wondered […]

Colour in the garden in Autumn

Gardening in November Gathering Tomatoes

Gardening in November as the growing year ends

Although it has been very busy, I have managed some gardening in November.  Time outside makes me feel better.  I think it must be the mix of fresh air and time to think while getting some gentle exercise. I’ve been emptying out the sacks of leaf mould from previous years over the vegetable beds.  The chickens get free run of the garden at this time of year and help by scratching around, spreading the leaf […]

Bumper harvest of Autumn vegetables and first steps in Permaculture

I have no idea where this year has gone!  One minute it was the New Year, next we are harvesting Autumn vegetables and the nights are drawing in. This year I spent more time planning what to grow across our two vegetables beds to get the most out of our plot.  I’ve found lots of interesting information on the Permaculture Association website which has informed some of my plans. I tried companion planting and also […]

autumn vegetable harvest

Geranium Garden Flowers

Taking Time To Enjoy Garden Flowers

As well as growing vegetables, we also have garden flowers in the borders.  I have chosen a variety of shrubs and hardy perennials to make life easier. I don’t know what has happened to June but it seems to have started as a month of chasing my tail and nothing going to plan! Keeping on top of the garden has gone out the window. With all the mild weather and rain, everything is growing like mad while […]