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Tasty Baked Mushrooms with Poached Eggs

When it is cold outside, it is comforting to have something warm for lunch. Our vegetable order this week included some big field mushrooms, perfect for baked mushrooms and one of my favourite lunches. I like trying new recipes and experimenting with the vegetables we have in the fridge and as we keep chickens, egg based meals are often on the menu. After a rummage around, I decided to use kale, onions and the remnants […]

Baked mushroom with poached egg

Drying borlotti beans on a tray

Drying borlotti beans from the garden

We managed to pick the last of the borlotti bean pods just before the weather changed. Drying borlotti beans is a way to preserve some of the harvest through the winter.  They are perfect to add to casseroles and stews. As they grow in during the summer, the bean plants have pretty pink flowers before the dark pink pods come.  They are a very decorative addition to the vegetable beds and versatile too as the […]

Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Bars

These Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast bars are the result of a happy accident.  An experiment adapting a couple of  recipes so I could use the ingredients I had to hand. I wanted to make a bar that could  be eaten on the go for breakfast or added to packed lunches.  One of my November Aims was to try a new recipe featuring apples as we still have so many to use.  I’ve made a couple […]

Apple and cinnamon breakfast bars

Victoria Plum Jam Recipe

Victoria Plum Jam Recipe

I have recently re-used an old Victoria Plum Jam recipe, here’s a jar I have made this year.. This brought to mind an event in early July 1981. At approximately 10:30 pm,  on NTM 873V, she was a beautiful Moto-Guzzi V50 II, To me the epitome of Italian style and class, as Italian as a gelato, an espresso, a cinquecento.  I digress though, what has this to do with Plum Jam? Well, that early July I was on […]