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Slow Fashion and a bit of knitting

Hopping around the internet the other night, I came across a post by Karen Templar on Slow Fashion October By co-incidence I had just finished reading In Praise of Slow by Carl Honoré.. We have gone quite a long way down the slow food route and the book made me think about other areas of our life. Karen’s timely post raised some interesting questions that made me think about the pressure the global fashion industry has […]

Slow fashion and starting to knit

Reupholstering an office chair

Reupholstering an office chair – it is easier than you think

I have been looking around for an office chair for a while now.  I mainly work from home and after a few hours sitting on a dining chair begins to get uncomfortable.  Maybe it is the difference in height between the desk and the chair, maybe I just need to get up and walk a bit more rather than sit at the computer for hours.  Either way, I thought a proper office chair would help. […]

Patchwork feather quilt made for a friend

My favourite gifts have been those made by friends or family.  A few years ago, I received a quilt from a friend for a significant birthday.  I was so touched that I wanted to do the same when her turn came. This is how I came to make a patchwork feather quilt. I came across Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern.  It is so generous of designers to publish these free patterns.  It meant I was […]

Feather quilt is finished

candle with lavender scent

How to make a candle with relaxing lavender scent

Candles bring some welcome cosiness to these long January evenings.  You can’t beat settling down by the fire with the twinkling light flickering away.  With a few supplies it is easy to make a candle.  You can even save wax from candles that are finished until you have enough scraps to make new candle. While tidying up the cupboard under the stairs, I came across a box containing some long forgotten candle making supplies.  There […]