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Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas Presents

When it comes to gift wrapping presents I’ve bought for people, especially at this time of year, it’s good time to reflect on how fortunate you are to have family and friends around. Life is definitely richer for having them in our lives. Once I have chosen the presents, it is on to the wrapping.  If I leave myself plenty of time, I enjoy this bit!  With music on in the background and candles lit, […]

Gift wrapping for christmas | The Nice Nest

Harvest time in the garden

Harvest in the Garden

Summer is at an end, Autumn is on its way and we are picking the last of the harvest from the garden. It has been such a lovely hot summer. It’s not so bad having cold winters if you get sunshine like we have had this year.  It has been great for growing vegetables in the garden. We have had bumper crops of tomatoes and cucumbers.  The cucumbers have finished but we continue to pick […]

How to make candles using recycled containers

I love lighting candles.  The twinkling light is perfect for a cozy touch to these winter evenings and with added fragrance make the rooms smell nice too. Friends and family know I like candles so over the years I have been given some in pretty containers.  I have kept them as it seemed a shame to throw the  glass jars away once the candles were used up.  Using soy wax, I have recycled the containers […]

How to make candles

Quick knit beany hat with a pom pom on top

The weather is getting colder and the weekend forecast is for snow.  We are travelling north for a weekend in Scotland so I am glad to have finished this quick knit beany hat. It was a perfect way to use up the chunky wool left over from my jumper project.  This couldn’t have been easier to knit.  I cast on 40 stitches and knitted in garter stitch until the work measured 30cm wide by 50cm […]