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Bathroom cabinet makeover | The Nice Nest

When we decorate our bathroom, I want a cabinet to keep things tidy.  I mentioned when I was looking for bathroom design ideas that I had my eye on an old cupboard in the garage what was housing motorbike cleaning kit.  It definitely had potential for a bathroom cabinet makeover.

It was tatty and chipped with an old Bakelite handle that was cracked but with a bit of time, I was convinced it should scrub up well.

Bathroom cabinet makeover before painting

I had some French Grey Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan but really wanted a blue/green colour. In a jam jar, I mixed some acrylic paint with the chalk paint until I got the colour I wanted.  I mixed more than I thought I needed so I had some to patch up. Inside the cupboard I used some leftover paint from painting our wardrobes.

Although you can wax chalk paint, on projects like this where the cabinet will be in a steamy, bathroom atmosphere I prefer to varnish with matt acrylic varnish.  It gives a very flat finish which I like and it will withstand water splashes and wiping down.

The handle was replaced with an old brass door pull.  I am a bit of a magpie and hang on to things like this, waiting for an opportunity to use.

handle for cabinet

The door pull gave the vintage look I was after.  I used brass screws which looked too bright against the aged brass on the pull so I used brown and black Sharpie pens to dull down.

With any job like this, I’ve found whatever my time estimate is, I should always double it and I’ll be about right.  Luckily, the weather has been good and I’ve been able to stand outside while I filled the holes and knocks, sanded and then painted to complete the bathroom cabinet makeover.

Inside of bathroom cabinet

I am really pleased how this has turned out.  Now I just have to wait until next month, when we can get work done in the bathroom and the cabinet can go on the wall to keep toiletries and make-up tidy.

It is satisfying to “shop our home” for items to update or re-purpose rather than go out and buy something.  This cabinet is well made with solid wood so it was way too good to be sitting in the garage!

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