A Rug made from Recycled Bottles

Bedroom rug made from recycled bottles in teal

How many bottles does it take to make a rug?  It’s not a trick question!

In a lovely local shop called Staffy B, we saw a selection of rugs from Weaver Green.  Up to 3000 bottles are used in each rug and they are made from 100% recycled plastic.  The amazing thing is that they feel just like wool under foot but they are hard-wearing, water resistant and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

With Autumn on the way, we wanted to make the bedrooms cosier so decided to order one for each spare room.

Bedroom rug made from Recycled Bottles

This rug is called Juno and we chose the colour teal.  It is a soft greyish teal colour that fits in well with the rest of the room.  Some of the range such as this Juno rug are hardwearing enough to be used in heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways.

Rug made from recycled bottles - Provence

In the other bedroom we needed a larger rug.  We chose the Provence rug in grey.  This rug has a looser, open weave and is described as ageing just like a traditional wool rug.  Walking over it in bare feet it is hard to believe it is a rug made from recycled bottles.

With the current focus on the misuse of plastic it felt good to buy rugs made from recycled bottles.  Environmentally friendly, they are woven from strands of recycled plastic and the company offers a range of contemporary and traditional styles.  This is a good example of a company taking an innovative approach, producing recycled textiles that have a quality look and feel.

Edge of rug made from recycled bottles

All the products made by Weaver Green are from plastics intended for land fill.  As we become increasingly interested in the ethics behind what we buy it is good to purchase something from a company sourcing from small, family owned co-operatives committed to employing skilled adults.  Fair working conditions include fair pay and ensuring that the textiles have been made without child labour.  The rugs are sourced from around the world, including Turkey, Scandinavia and India.

This is not a sponsored post.  I’ve been delighted with the rugs and want to support companies who trade ethically or who recycle, reducing what goes to landfill.  In this case it is both!


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