5 Last Minute Halloween Ideas

5 Quick Halloween Projects | The Nice Nest

If you are having a Halloween Party and looking for some crafty ideas, here are five I found that would be fun to try.

These jar lanterns are made by glueing tissue onto jars and are just opaque enough to allow a tea light to shine through. There are full instructions on My Crafty Spot.  I think they look great and I love the colours.

Coloured Halloween Lanterns | The Nice Nest

Little ones going round trick or treating may  like to decorate a tin to keep their goodies in.  These cheerful buckets wouldn’t take too long to make with some paint, tape and stickers.  Photo credit.

Trick or Treat Buckets | The Nice Nest

These biscuits have a nice graphic appeal and would be good for a party table or for trick or treat gifts.  If you were pushed for time, they could be made from shop bought biscuits, fondant icing and icing pens.  Photo Credit.

Iced Halloween Biscuits | The Nice Nest

Over the years, we have imported the idea of carved Jack ‘O Lanterns to the UK.  Some people are so clever with their carvings that the pumpkins look like works of art.  Whenever I have a go, it is generally something simple like the face below and mine always have a friendly spikey toothed smile.  The scooped out inner gets used for soup. There are more pumpkin carving ideas here to challenge the more artistic!

Carved Jack O Lantern | The Nice Nest

To finish off, there are instructions to make this great Spooky Halloween Bunting on My Owl Barn blog, complete with handy templates to print off.  If I get time tomorrow, I am going to make some to hang in the porch.

Bat Bunting

Happy Halloween!

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