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Ever since I first came across The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour, I have been hooked on the idea of growing our own food and just being a little bit more self-sufficient than we were. I loved the tagline that it was “The classic guide for realists and dreamers” and I think I definitely fall into the latter category!

The book was written with a larger plot in mind and although it is thought provoking and there are lots of practical tips, not many of us are lucky enough to have an acre of land and not have to worry about a day job. However, there are a couple of well thumbed pages about making fences and gates.

I would like to build an extended run for our chickens. They have a practical run that is covered with chicken wire to keep them safe from the foxes that visit. A few years ago we lost our first ladies to a fox and I definitely don’t want to wake up to that again.

Anyway, the new girls love to roam around the garden and are allowed to roam the whole garden when we are home during late autumn and winter. However, when spring comes and we begin to plant out vegetable seedlings and shoots appear in the flower beds, I still want them to have space to explore – just more confined so they do less damage.

I have been looking for inspiration on Pinterest for rustic fences and gates. We have trimmed our fruit trees and have been given some logs and branches by neighbour’s son-in-law. If I can, I would like to use them to make a fence for the run.

fence and gate

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I think I should be able to manage a gate like this.  Our fence would probably be a bit shorter than this and oh, to have that beautiful view instead of our back hedge!

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This gate looks more substantial.  I like the fence but am not sure I will have enough of the really sturdy sticks to make.  My expectations are that the fence will last a couple of years and if it turns out to be longer I will be delighted.

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This fence probably woudn’t be enough to keep the chickens in.  We have renamed our white chicken Daisy 007 as she seems to be able to escape from anything!

rustic fence around veg plot No 5 via

This is the closest I have found to the original idea I had.  I think mine could end up even more “rustic” and although I love the curve on the cross beam branches, we don’t have that many with a lovely curve.

Hopefully, in a few weeks, I can share my own rustic fence and gate.  If you have done anything like this, please do share.

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