3 favourite flowers around the garden


We all have our favourite flowers and here are three of mine that feature in our garden.  My choice is based on what is currently growing and it does change from time to time depending on what is in flower.

My first choice has to be hardy geraniums as they come in such beautiful shades from white, to pink, to purple, to blue.  It is a bonus that they grow so well in our heavy clay soil. They are very reliable and if cut back at the right time, they form a mound of new greenery that lasts through the winter.

I was originally given some plants by a neighbour who was dividing her plants and over the years, I’ve gone on to divide my own plants to fill more of the garden.

This year, I have begun to turn my attention to the borders again and would like to increase the diversity of planting to increase the flowering period so I will thin back some patches to make way for other plant species.


Sunflowers are number two.  An easy annual to germinate from seed, they come in many varieties.  This year, I have tried growing plants with a smaller flower head for a pop of colour through the borders and I am aiming to leave them in place once they have died back to feed the birds during the autumn.  I will probably pinch a couple of flower heads to get seeds for the kitchen too.

One of my reasons for planting them is that they remind me of camping holidays in France where we have driven through fields of sunflowers, all with their “faces” turned towards the sun.


The third are the marigolds that I have growing in the veg plot.   I have read that they can be used as companion plants to distract aphids away from the beans and peas so thought I would try.   I have had mixed success as our french beans, barlotti beans and sugar snap peas are relatively aphid free but the runners beans have patches of black fly that I’m trying to keep on top of.

We use marigold flower heads broken up and sprinkled in our salads which looks pretty and adds a different taste to an evening meal.

What is your favourite flower?

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