15 Pine Cone Craft Projects for Christmas

Natural pine cone craft ideas | The Nice Nest

Natural pine cone craft projects

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We are lucky enough to have a large pine tree in our back garden.  It brings in wildlife to our plot on the edge of town. Birds come and go with the seasons while black and grey squirrels chase each other around, each claiming territory.  We often joke that we bought a tree with a house attached.

The tree drops bags and bags of pine cones that we collect and store in the garage. We use them as fire lighters and each year as Christmas approaches, I mention that I should use some of the cones to make decorations.  This year, I’ve been looking for inspiration for pine cone craft projects on Pinterest.

I like natural cones and think I will try hollowing some out to use as tea light holders.  I will only use them under close supervision as I know only too well after using them to light the fire how flammable the resin is.  I also like the idea of pine cone bunting to decorate the fireplace we have just painted in the dining room.

Pine cone craft projects in white | The Nice Nest

Painted white pine cone craft projects

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I also like the idea of painting some pine cones white and as I save jam jars, I am definitely planning to make some of the tea light holders.  With some clippings from the Leylandii in the bottom and some painted cones tied on with natural twine, they’d look good indoors and outside in the garden.

Making a place name holder is also a nice idea for dinner parties through the holiday season and would be a quick and easy project.

A bowl of painted and natural cones would be a festive touch around the house that gives a rustic, country feel.

Bright pine cone projects | The Nice Nest

Brightly painted pine cone craft projects

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If bright colours are your thing, there are plenty of ideas to try.  A few left over pots of emulsion paint or cans of spray paints could be used to paint cones in rainbow brights and once dry, you could fill a jar with them or make a colourful version of the bunting above.

I like the candle holders and think they could be fun to make.

Time to get out the left over paint, find the glue gun and get cracking!

15 Pine Cone Craft Ideas | The Nice Nest

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