10 DIY Industrial Pipe Projects for the Home

Industrial Pipe Desk for Two | The Nice Nest

1. Industrial style desk for two

I know projects made from pipes have been around for a few years, ever since industrial styles began to hit the headlines but they still have appeal.  The paired back style doesn’t seem to date and it suits a variety of settings.  In a time when I have had less time to do DIY around our home and have had the diversion of Pinterest day dreams, I’ve come across several that I like

We have an office at home that my husband and I share, although when we are both about at the same time, one of us de-camps to the dining room so we don’t distract each other.  I love the look of the desk above and although it seats two comfortably, think I would prefer the spread out my things and take over the whole space on my own!

Photo credit: Griege Design

2. Craft room shelves and a vintage desk

Industrial shelving made from pipes | The Nice Nest

This really appealed to me as a spot  to sew and I like the industrial style of the utility desk.  It looks like furniture of the 40s with sturdy wooden construction and without frills.  Paired with the industrial pipe shelving and some practical but pretty storage for craft supplies, what a nice spot that would be to run up a cushion cover or two.

Photo credit: Sylvieliv

3. Industrial pipe brackets with planed wood shelves

The shelves below are very similar in construction to those in the craft room but set against the deep blue wall and with new planed wood shelves, they look very different.  Just the place to display a collection of vintage accessories and plants.  There are full instructions over at Magnolia Market blog.

Photo credit: Magnolia Market

Shelves and console table

4.  Stylish industrial style console

This console table took my eye as I think it would be a fairly easy way to incorporate the look into any room.  With reclaimed wood like an old scaffold plank, it looks like it would be a simple introduction to a spot of furniture DIY. There are full instructions over at Handmaidtales.

Photo credit: Handmaidtales

5. DIY lamp made with pipe fittings

This DIY lamp from Decor and the Dog is pretty ingenious and an easy introduction to making things for your own home.  There are full instructions on how to make this on the blog and it looks like it could be adapted to suit a number of bases.  My imagination has been fired, now I just have to find the time to make some of this stuff instead of browsing Pinterest and thinking about it!

Photo credit: Decor and the Dog

6. Hallway coat rack

This hallway coat rack would be the perfect way to keep all those bits that end up cluttering the hall in one place.  I have an old vintage cloak rack with a mirror and big brass hooks.  We hang our coats, handbags and keys on it and it means we always know where to look for our things when we are rushing out of the door.  I keep and eye to make sure it doesn’t get overloaded and keeps reasonably tidy.  If I wanted a more contemporary look, I’d go for something like this.

Photo credit: Beneath My Heart

Industrial Pipe projects for the home

7. Cupboard handles

You’d need a chunky cupboard to get away with imagination handles made from pipes would look good on an up-cycle project.  By using finer pipes you could also make drawer pulls in the same way.

Photo Credit: Webber Coleman Woodworks

8. Toilet roll holder

Even the smallest room in the house needs a bit of style and how better to inject a slight industrial touch than with a toilet roll holder made out of pipe fittings and with a little wooden shelf.  Just the right place for a scented candle!

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

9. Rustic breakfast bar with industrial pipe supports and foot rail

We have just started to think about a kitchen make-over and I’d like to have some kind of seating.  Not for a full blown meal with friends but somewhere to perch while a meal is cooked or to grab a quick bowl of cereal in the morning. When I saw this breakfast bar, I thought it was perfect.  The wood is rustic following the contours of the grain which I think gives character without looking too twee.  It is in a house boat which has the most beautiful interior design.

Photo credit: LA Times

Industrial style breakfast bar

10. Breakfast bar with galvanised steel pipe supports

Another take on a breakfast bar with what looks like scaffold pipe supports.  This one is simpler and probably easier for me with my DIY skills.  It’s probably better suited to our kitchen as the supports rest against a wall leaving the floor space free.  Much easier to keep clean with a dog and his muddy paws wandering around…

Photo credit: Liz Marie Blog


I can’t wait to have time to try a little DIY!

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