Bumper harvest of Autumn vegetables and first steps in Permaculture

I have no idea where this year has gone!  One minute it was the New Year, next we are harvesting Autumn vegetables and the nights are drawing in. This year I spent more time planning what to grow across our two vegetables beds to get the most out of our plot.  I’ve found lots of interesting information on the Permaculture Association website which has informed some of my plans. I tried companion planting and also […]

autumn vegetable harvest

Oatcakes recipe

Easy oatcakes recipe that is quick to make

I have been trying new recipes for food that we enjoy but I haven’t cooked myself before.  I’m trying homemade alternatives to things I would normally buy from the shops. This oatcakes recipe fits the bill and is perfect for cooking a batch of biscuits to eat during the week . The oatcakes served with cheese and a few celery and carrot sticks make a nice light lunch or are a great way to round […]

Patchwork feather quilt made for a friend

My favourite gifts have been those made by friends or family.  A few years ago, I received a quilt from a friend for a significant birthday.  I was so touched that I wanted to do the same when her turn came. This is how I came to make a patchwork feather quilt. I came across Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern.  It is so generous of designers to publish these free patterns.  It meant I was […]

Feather quilt is finished

grey kitchen with inset white sink

Inspiration for a DIY kitchen update on a budget

Look at this gorgeous place! Not at all like our current kitchen.  I came across it when looking for inspiration for a DIY kitchen update and fell in love.  Our kitchen looks a bit tired and sad and the time is approaching for an update. When we moved in 16 years ago we painted the units and shifted them round a bit. The worktops were replaced, we changed the tiles and the horrible, spiky Artex […]