What I have been up to during February in the Garden

During February in the garden, I’ve been keeping myself busy tidying up and doing some early seed sowing in the greenhouse.  Hopefully, in a few weeks we’ll be able to pick some pea shoots like these for salads. General jobs done during February in the garden As soon as the weather warmed up towards the end of the month, I pruned the fruit trees.  It is better to do them before they start to shoot in […]

february in the garden growing pea shoots

Feather quilt is finished

Patchwork feather quilt made for a friend

My favourite gifts have been those made by friends or family.  A few years ago, I received a quilt from a friend for a significant birthday.  I was so touched that I wanted to do the same when her turn came. This is how I came to make a patchwork feather quilt. I came across Anna Maria Horner’s free pattern.  It is so generous of designers to publish these free patterns.  It meant I was […]

Inspiration for a DIY kitchen update on a budget

Look at this gorgeous place! Not at all like our current kitchen.  I came across it when looking for inspiration for a DIY kitchen update and fell in love.  Our kitchen looks a bit tired and sad and the time is approaching for an update. When we moved in 16 years ago we painted the units and shifted them round a bit. The worktops were replaced, we changed the tiles and the horrible, spiky Artex […]

grey kitchen with inset white sink

Homemade Chocolates - bark

Show the love with handmade chocolates for Valentines Day

As a chocolate addict making these handmade chocolates for Valentines Day has been fun. What is not to like? Melting chocolate and filling the kitchen with a rich chocolatey smell, licking the spoon (when everything is finished!) and creating something to share with a loved one. This comes with a warning as some of the work in progress shots may not be Pinterest-worthy. I am obviously a messy worker and managed to drip the stuff […]