November Aims: How I did

November seemed to go so fast and now here we are in the first week of December! It felt good to setting and completing my aims and here is how I did. November Aims:  How I did… Food I managed to cook several new recipes.  I really liked the plum compote which was very simple but so good… Try a new slow cooker recipe. – I tried a risotto recipe with cauliflower and butternut squash.  […]

November Aims and how I did

Gardening in November Gathering Tomatoes

Gardening in November as the growing year ends

Although it has been very busy, I have managed some gardening in November.  Time outside makes me feel better.  I think it must be the mix of fresh air and time to think while getting some gentle exercise. I’ve been emptying out the sacks of leaf mould from previous years over the vegetable beds.  The chickens get free run of the garden at this time of year and help by scratching around, spreading the leaf […]

Chunky knit jumper project completed

. I finished my chunky knit jumper that I started at the end of October.  I’d read several blog stories from those in the slow fashion movement and wanted an easy knitting project that would ease me into tackling clothing. After learning more about slow fashion, this project is part of my move towards adding some home-made items to my wardrobe.  Last month I described how I have started to look at where my clothes […]

Chunky knitted jumper

Drying borlotti beans on a tray

Drying borlotti beans from the garden

We managed to pick the last of the borlotti bean pods just before the weather changed. Drying borlotti beans is a way to preserve some of the harvest through the winter.  They are perfect to add to casseroles and stews. As they grow in during the summer, the bean plants have pretty pink flowers before the dark pink pods come.  They are a very decorative addition to the vegetable beds and versatile too as the […]