Restoring an armchair – my pretty oak chair

I didn’t set out to find a project restoring an armchair. Finding an oak armchair happened by accident. While finishing off shopping at Christmas, I spied the chair for £5 in a charity shop. It was pretty and I thought it would be handy as an extra seat over the holiday period. When I got the chair home, it was more like a rocking chair! It moved backwards and forwards and from side to side. […]

restoring an armchair

Baked mushroom with poached egg

Tasty Baked Mushrooms with Poached Eggs

When it is cold outside, it is comforting to have something warm for lunch. Our vegetable order this week included some big field mushrooms, perfect for baked mushrooms and one of my favourite lunches. I like trying new recipes and experimenting with the vegetables we have in the fridge and as we keep chickens, egg based meals are often on the menu. After a rummage around, I decided to use kale, onions and the remnants […]

Reducing Waste One Step At A Time

Once you start looking at reducing waste around your home it can become daunting. The more you look at your lifestyle, the more you are confronted with the consequences of what you buy and how you live. That’s certainly how I have found it as I have tried to put my New Year words into action. My interest in reducing waste was first sparked a few years ago by Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home. […]

Easy crochet blanket shown on a chair

Easy Crochet Blanket in Bright Colours

We went on holiday in the Autumn and travelled for three weeks. There were long periods of driving or flights from place to place and I felt the need for something to keep my hands busy. One of the friends we travelled with is an avid knitter. She gave me some wool and a crochet hook so I could play around making granny squares. I made one but somehow it kept on growing…. and growing…. […]

Good things happen at home