Back garden chickens and avian influenza precautions

Since 6 December 2016 there have been special measures in place to reduce the risk of avian influenza (bird flu) spreading.  This follows the announcement of outbreaks of the H5N8 strain in Europe and some UK sites. It does not just apply to commercial poultry businesses.  Those of us keeping […]

Keeping Chickens in the Garden | The Nice Nest

Shop locally, eat locally and support your town

This is my favourite part of our town centre.  A street of pretty units with independent businesses to shop locally. There are shops, services, a brewery and a second-hand furniture dealer.  These are the types of business I would like to see thrive and expand further into the town, small […]

Styling the Seasons Rose in Egg Cup

Styling the Seasons June

It’s time for Styling the Seasons June.  The challenge is set by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts and Lots. The weather in June has been a real mix of sunshine and showers.  It has left a lot of us wondering when summer is going to start. When […]

Rhubarb Pudding with Meringue Topping

This rhubarb pudding is made with a rich sponge topped with sliced rhubarb and finished with a meringue topping. Mum passed on the recipe as it is an easy summer dessert that everyone likes. Sunday is the day when we meet as a family.   It’s a day of treats […]

Rhubarb Pudding with Meringue Topping

Geranium Garden Flowers

Taking Time To Enjoy Garden Flowers

As well as growing vegetables, we also have garden flowers in the borders.  I have chosen a variety of shrubs and hardy perennials to make life easier. I don’t know what has happened to June but it seems to have started as a month of chasing my tail and nothing […]